Sylectus Transportation Management System

Keep your trucks full and drivers on the road with on-demand freight visibility and seamless invoicing and payment.

Get better visibility into operations through Sylectus, the best TMS for trucking 

Sylectus TMS is the most comprehensive fleet management software in trucking. If you’re looking for a TMS software provider to support your growing fleet without adding extra overhead, Sylectus can put you on the road to success. Ready to step on the gas?

How Sylectus TMS works for you:

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With Sylectus TMS, you choose the plan and options that work for you. Best of all, Sylectus TMS integrates with telematics, payments, compliance and accounting tools to take your business to the next level.

Contact us today to learn how the Sylectus TMS can deliver world-class transportation management without additional staff or IT resources. 

Use Sylectus load board to find and post loads and find capacity

Manage active trips and track drivers in real-time

Automate rating, invoicing, payment, and other back-office functions

Update customers in real-time about load status

Get insight into your trucking operations with reporting and analytics

We would never have been able to grow as we have without having Sylectus as our partner. The best part is that our growth has come without having to add extra personnel.”

Brad Howell
President, ITDS

Sylectus TMS helped ITDS grow 15% in a single year.