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The Sylectus Freight Load Board.
New Revenue for Fleet Entertainment.

The Sylectus load board for trucks lets fleet owners max out revenue on extra capacity or find space on other fleets to handle their excess freight.

Sylectus is much more than another truck load board. It’s an alliance of trucking professionals who have been vetted for credit terms, creditworthiness, and safety scores. Our digital platform lets you connect with shippers you can rely on, no big equipment or labor investments needed.

Increased cash flow using the Sylectus load board supports the growth of small fleets with big plans

Easy integration with major carriers, brokers, and 3rd-party systems helps you get the best load board rates

The Sylectus load board for carriers lets you opt for real-time location updates 24/7 on your mobile

Contact us to learn how the Sylectus trucking load board can help turn extra capacity into revenue or deliver your excess freight with care.

Sylectus is the perfect solution for ITDS. Success for ITDS is measured in growth. We would never have been able to grow as we have without having Sylectus as our partner.

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