55% Reduction in Time Spent Routing

“We can now combine 2-3 routes during a slow period which we simply couldn’t do before.”
– VP of Operations & Logistics

See the Savings That Come with the Best Route Optimization App.

Customer research identified Omnitracs Roadnet routing, scheduling, and fleet management solution benefits across three broad objectives:

Omnitracs gives us the ability to calculate mile savings, route savings, and get the most efficient use of our resources. It’s a great fit for us because the tool set is very robust and it’s very intuitive for the user.”

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Mike Becker,
Supply Chain Director, Pepsico


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Roadnet Transportation Suite

“I’ve been using this software for 15 years and the best thing about it is the reliability of the software.”

– Telecommunication and
Network Specialist

Good Routing Software

“Real-time order / fleet location is nice. The mobile app for iPads are efficient and easy to use especially when needing to capture signatures.”

– Senior PC Support Specialist

Helpful on the road for tracking

“It helps us track all our hours and ensure we don’t drive when we aren’t supposed to.”

– Facilities Services Expert

Achieve Scalable Growth

  • Increase capacity for strategic re-routes
  • Reduce product loss
  • Increase customer satisfaction 

Improved Staff Productivity

  • Increase driver productivity and efficiency
  • Reduce driver overtime
  • Increase transportation staff productivity
  • Reduce time spent managing strategic re-routes
  • Increase customer service staff productivity

Improved Route Efficiency

  • Reduce total miles driven
  • Reduce needed fleet size
  • Reduce billing cycle
  • Reduce labor cost per stop